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Es ist noch kein Meister vom Himmel gefallen


I’m not a good photograph. I wouldn’t ever call myself that, but I’m starting the get the hang of it and at times & writing stuff down or spelling it out sometimes give one some kind of epiphany. Within a couple of weeks I first rented a Canon 5D Mark IV for WWDC 2018 and then a Canon 1DX Mark II. Both cameras deliver incredible images and I really enjoyed shooting & interacting with both cameras.

AVM Fritz Mesh Probleme


Nach wirklich langer Zeit ohne jegliche Probleme erhielt ich natürlich mitten meiner zwei wöchigen WWDC Reise in die Bay Area die Nachricht von meiner Mutter das deren WiFi nicht funktionieren würde. Dies passiert absolut immer wenn man sich wirklich gestresst am anderen Ende der Welt befindet und nie wenn man mal zwischendrin etwas Zeit hat. Nachdem ich also am letzten Wochenende wieder in Hamburg eingetroffen war, habe ich mich ran gesetzt und geschaut was Sache war.

Web APNS and It's future


In 2013 Apple introduced push notifications services (APNS) for Safari but so far the feature is only enabled on macOS even though the underlying code powering Safari on macOS and MobileSafari on iOS is both WebKit. I noticed this right away after watching the WWDC session video and was a little confused about it since the entire APNS infrastructure was specifically built for the release of iOS 3 in 2009.

Modularity Is What We Need


Brent Simmons post on his inessential.com about sharing code between iOS and macOS made a lot of sense to me and I’d like to double down here. Modularity goes a long way for a lot of things and writing code is not excluded from this. A little extra work upfront may allow you to branch out into platforms in the future that didn’t yet exist or you didn’t anticipate at first.

The Missing Workhorse Mac


According to Wikipedia’s entry for CI the term was first coined in 1991, three whole years before I was even born, but only in the last couple of years have iOS developers across the board really started to adapt these processes. The increased popularity amongst iOS developers has created a previously unimagined market and gave big CI/CD companies like CircleCI or TravisCI incentives to add support for automated builds in macOS environments.



This is part 1 of a series documenting the migration of a macOS E-Mail server, due to Apple’s announcement in early 2018 that macOS Server will be deprecated. Many reading this post have probably already read about Apple deprecating a big part of their Server application offering with the next major macOS Server release. OS X Server for Snow Leopard was the first version that I ever used and it absolutely breaks my heart seeing this piece of software go after using it for all these years.

AVM Fritz WiFi Mesh


Gegen Ende des letzten Jahres hat die berliner Firma AVM, welche für ihre Modem/Router Kombinationen bekannt sind in Deutschland (und umliegenden Ländern), einen riesen Coup gelandet: WiFi Mesh für viele bereits Jahre alten Router und Repeater. Dank amerikanischen Firmen wie Eero ist WiFi Mesh zur Zeit in aller Munde, und das auch zurecht. Die Technologie bietet ein natürliches Interface (im Sinne das es eigentlich kein direktes Mesh Interface gibt und die Geräte alles selber steuern) und ist somit vielen anderen Lösungen für multi-AP WiFi Netzwerken weitaus überlegen.

Turning iOS Extensibility to 11


iOS has gained tremendous features for power users in recent years in the form of Extensions in different parts of the OS amongst other things, but I have a basic frustration with everything that has been added to the OS: Everything is based on the fact that the owner of the application has to opt in. This approach is tackling the problem at the wrong end to me. This very fact makes things like using 1Password in third party apps a pain in the ass for all the involved parties, which is in some ways understandable but frustrating non the less.

My backup strategy


The first iteration Backups are a pain in the ass. There are a billion ways to do them and even more ways in which your particular strategy can fail at any point. You might not even notice until you desperately need that one file back. Bitflips, bitrot and filesystems that need to study up on data integrity are very real things and might have awful consequences for the bits that make up the things you care about or can be exploited for shits ‘n giggels.

A Podcast Confession


Last year I was working a jobby job instead of going to university and whilst procrastinating on getting work done I all of a sudden stumbled upon ATP or also known as the Accidental Tech Podcast. Back then the very first episode I listened to was episode 98: Landmines, Pitfalls and Bottomless Pits and I fell love right away. Marco was having issues with scaling his Podcast feed crawler for Overcast, which was written in PHP, and wanted to try another language.

WWDC 2016


When the announcement of WWDC 2016 was intentionally or unintenionally revealed I knew that 2016 would be the year that I’d go into dept if I have to in order to fly to San Francisco. Unfortunately though I was not amongst the chosen ones who were granted to hand Apple 1600$, but that didn’t stop my excitement the slightest bit. I was determined to squeeze into cattle class for 14 hours in order to fly to San Francisco.