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Keeping Myself Motivated

Daily routines can sometimes really get to me. Recently I’m once again feeling bored by my work or many other things in my life, even though there isn’t really anything to complain about. It’s mostly all just a processes though and set backs of any kind squash the little motivation I had left to deal with any of it. I just want to drop everything, turn around and never return.

Something that I started doing some time last year and set as an active goal for this year for myself are my Personal Projects.
It may sound like a bit of a general phrase that doesn’t mean much and I absolutely intended for it to be exactly that. A Personal Project is supposed to be anything that I’m doing for myself. Something that makes me happy and gives me energy. Of course this could be helping someone else out with something, but getting to exercise one of my skills is very welcome. The best thing about it though, is that I get to choose what to do and what not to. I always recommend starting with something that may take you a day or two at max and just keep doing that for a while. Little improvements to your life and living situation are always a good starting off point.
I’m always on the hunt for new things to learn or to try. If something isn’t for me I always have the ability to move on. I have tried it, was able to form an opinion about it and can objectively reason about why this isn’t for me.
Since I’m mostly working with my brain and not with my body, as in physical exercise to get a job done, I try to balance that by getting up and building things with my hands. I find it incredibly satisfying and a good way to sharpen my engineering skills.

When trying something new I usually have to buy something to either get started or I need to buy the resources for the project. In order to do something like that I always recommend searching around thoroughly and getting as much context as possible so that you can then spend as little money as possible to get going. Buying everything at once is very expensive but I started buying things little by little on a monthly basis as I need them and giving myself a small allowance every month to do such purchases.

This year I set myself quite a few random goals but I wont hold myself to do all of it. It’s probably impossible for me to do all of it but I will try regardless. If I can’t manage to do it this year, either I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it or I can simply do it next year.
Since this is something to make me happy I will absolutely stick to going my speed.

I hope that this post was able to motivate you to improve your life and yourself in any way that makes you happy.