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WWDC 2022

If you have been following me on Twitter for a little longer you are aware that I am quite outspoken about things like App Store policies, Apple’s seemingly great service revenue and their interaction and treatment of developers. If things are right they should be praised and if things are wrong they should be critiqued. Nothing good is created or can exist in a vacuum without feedback.

Over the past 3 years relations between developers and Apple have gone from indifferent at best to outright hostile. WWDC always moves the general sentiment to being more favorable and friendly, this year however has built on top of the very good remote WWDC we got to enjoy last year. I have not participated in digital lounges or other events due to various reasons but have heard from many that they have really enjoyed it.
With various people that I know of, listen to Podcasts to or know personally being in person at WWDC in Cupertino has really made me wish to be able to be there as well. It filled me with an enormous amount of envy. Envy to be there and experience the energy in the “room”, envy to make new friends, envy to share ideas, envy to learn & envy to see existing friends.

The cool kids got to fly to Cupertino. I wish I was part of the group of cool kids.

Thank you Apple for a great WWDC 2022. It feels like you have figured out what you want this to be going forward and I am excited to keep being involved in developing software for these platforms.