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The Missing Workhorse Mac

The Missing Workhorse Mac

Processing intensive workflows are higher in demand than ever, but the Mac lineup is missing a crucial piece to help pro customers of Apple.

AVM Fritz WiFi Mesh

AVM Fritz WiFi Mesh

AVM Fritz WiFi Mesh kam unerwartet ist aber ein Segen für den deutschen Markt

Turning iOS Extensibility to 11

Turning iOS Extensibility to 11

iOS is amazing but is lacking productivity basics


Friends Around The World


Traveling long distances has become a commodity. A plane to the other side of our planet is leaving at least once a day from any major airport and I would recon that most middle class households could afford at least one ticket.
I was born in 1994 and I remember peoples reactions to my parents taking my sister and I onto an overseas trip to the US, when I was only around nine or ten years old. My parents are of the generation that built this world. They grew up with Germany being split into two by a huge wall. That wall separated many families and a lot of people lost their lives trying to cross it by being shot or ripped apart by land mines. All of that happened in the middle of Europe, the last time only 30 (!) years ago in 1989. In stark constrast I grew up being able to freely travel into any neighbouring country, without even thinking about bringing a passport or being stopped at a border. This is Europe at its finest and I think this part of being a European citizen is something that came as a bonus alongside the tariff free trading union and a unified currency.
Growing up with this mindset and visiting many places around Europe and northern America I always liked the idea of infinte “Fernweh”. Don’t get me wrong, I love Hamburg to death, but seeing other places and understanding the state of mind in another city, smaller of bigger, is always refreshing. It gives you perspectives and experiences you wont get in any other way.
Alongside those upsides you may even end up making new friends along the way. In my case I made friends in a couple of different places and they’re all people I can rely on and ask for a favor, even when I’m thousands of kilometers away. Nothing beats the feeling of being able to get a question answered or a recommendation from a local when you’re visiting.

I have friends who live close by and I wouldn’t want to miss them but the Internet enables me to maintain friendships with people on different continents. By doing that it enables me to maintain a different viewpoint onto the world and I think it overall improves me as a person.

Many people in different age groups have lifes like mine now, but I think I’m part of the first generation that is really able to leverage this technology in this way and growing up with it. The downsides are getting more and more obvious in recent years though, but I hope once it gets to a more maintainable state of crazy we will be able to enjoy the technology more.

It’s more than likely not to be the case but I reamin hopeful.

Keeping Myself Motivated


Daily routines can sometimes really get to me. Recently I’m once again feeling bored by my work or many other things in my life, even though there isn’t really anything to complain about. It’s mostly all just a processes though and set backs of any kind squash the little motivation I had left to deal with any of it. I just want to drop everything, turn around and never return.

Something that I started doing some time last year and set as an active goal for this year for myself are my Personal Projects.
It may sound like a bit of a general phrase that doesn’t mean much and I absolutely intended for it to be exactly that. A Personal Project is supposed to be anything that I’m doing for myself. Something that makes me happy and gives me energy. Of course this could be helping someone else out with something, but getting to exercise one of my skills is very welcome. The best thing about it though, is that I get to choose what to do and what not to. I always recommend starting with something that may take you a day or two at max and just keep doing that for a while. Little improvements to your life and living situation are always a good starting off point.
I’m always on the hunt for new things to learn or to try. If something isn’t for me I always have the ability to move on. I have tried it, was able to form an opinion about it and can objectively reason about why this isn’t for me.
Since I’m mostly working with my brain and not with my body, as in physical exercise to get a job done, I try to balance that by getting up and building things with my hands. I find it incredibly satisfying and a good way to sharpen my engineering skills.

When trying something new I usually have to buy something to either get started or I need to buy the resources for the project. In order to do something like that I always recommend searching around thoroughly and getting as much context as possible so that you can then spend as little money as possible to get going. Buying everything at once is very expensive but I started buying things little by little on a monthly basis as I need them and giving myself a small allowance every month to do such purchases.

This year I set myself quite a few random goals but I wont hold myself to do all of it. It’s probably impossible for me to do all of it but I will try regardless. If I can’t manage to do it this year, either I wasn’t as enthusiastic about it or I can simply do it next year.
Since this is something to make me happy I will absolutely stick to going my speed.

I hope that this post was able to motivate you to improve your life and yourself in any way that makes you happy.

Community Hubs: Slack vs. Discourse


For the longest time I was convinced that providing a Discourse Forum is the turn key solution to communication and customer engagement problems everyone has been searching for all these years. It’s a ready to rock tool for civilised conversations around your company and the products that you offer.

While working for CircleCI I first came into contact with a Discourse Forum. My colleagues on the support team and I used it daily to communicate with customers about all kinds of things. We posted quick workarounds to issues for everyone to see or we sent out announcements about the pre installed software in our CI images just to give simple examples.
It was great to use and had a pretty high customer adoption rate. It was a very helpful tool to us managing the at times crazy amounts of inquiries came in.

When I then joined MacStadium they had already thought about hosting a Discourse Forum for their customers and I was very excited to get it setup. We paid Discourse for hosting and proudly announced that customers are more than welcome to join the conversation about Mac hosting a iOS CI stacks on dedicated hardware. Basically no one showed up and it was even very hard to motivate colleagues to use it. In hindsight they had every reason to ignore me since there wasn’t anything to do or talk about there. Months went by and we cross posted almost every blog post there for customers to leave comments underneath.
Still nothing.
Colleagues of mine really did try to make it work but we were absolutely unable to get it up and going and I eventually became so busy doing other tasks that I simply forgot to go back there and use it in order to attract others.

I had completely forgotten about all of this and how defeated I felt when we couldn’t get it to work, until I saw this tweet:


I remain convinced that a Discourse Forum is the better choice of the two options for most tech (and related) companies but I was very clearly wrong about it for MacStadium and I have the feeling that I now understand why. In most cases it will boil down to how you engage and do business with your customers.

If you require customers to talk to a Sales rep, or more general a human of any kind in order to get them to sign on and give you money for your product or service, they will naturally also always expect someone to find a solution to their issues with whatever you sold them.
If any customer can open your website though, select the service or product that they desire and leave their credit card information for it without interacting with a human at all in the process, it’s more likely that they will expect to help themselves. The only help you should provide in that case is either documentation for whatever they acquired, a community forum for customers to help each other or ideally both.
If your customer has never talked to a Sales rep or anyone else who are they supposed to contact and how, but if they have and especially if they did in order to sign up for your service you absolutely have to be prepared to deal with all those support requests.

For me personally I will always prefer a Discourse Forum over Slack for such a community place since Slack is expecting you to be there all the time in order to be part of the conversation. It’s a real time chat application after all and the conversation is always happening right now which leads to a much more hectic and fast paced single sentence posts. The Discourse Forum is much more asynchronous in that way. Customers can open the site and read much more at their own pace without sound effects playing or other indicators nagging them that the actual conversation is happening right now and that they’re not participating. Another major upside for me is the fact that each topic is siloed into it’s own thread. You may link back and forth or converse in multiple threads at the same time but it’s not one big mix of all kinds of conversations in one thread. If someone has something they’d like to talk about they’re free to open another thread. If there is interest in that thread others will join automatically, which makes it feel much more natural but still organised in comparison to Slack which will become an absolute disaster to follow after 6 or more people chat at the same time in the same thread.

In the end you’ll always have to decide for yourself and chose your own path but I absolutely applaud MacStadium for tearing the non functioning system down and trying something else.

iPhone eSim debugging


With iOS 12.1 available to anyone the latest iPhones models (iPhone XS / Max & iPhone XR) are able to make use of a second sim (physical or as an eSim) and phone line. The setup is fairly easy but I ran into the issue that something got very messed up deleting my iMessage activation and seemingly no way out.

If you happen to run into these issues, it appears to result from Apple still wanting you to use a physical sim card instead of the eSim as your primary line, which is what I was doing since no US carrier supported eSim. Once I got my new iPhone XS I scanned the eSims QR code for my german contract and had it setup right away. It almost feels a bit too futuristic. Debugging this can be very tedious but these steps worked for me

  1. Remove and delete all sim cards (in the case of the eSim you may have to call your provider to generate a new QR code for you so be aware of this)
  2. Add the sim (physical or virtual) that you want your iMessage to use first.
  3. Go into the Cellular settings and make sure that everything including mobile data uses this line. Especially for data. If not change mobile data to use the same line, since iMessage otherwise wont activate.
  4. Go through the steps of enabling iMessage in or even reboot the phone once.
  5. Make sure that it iMessage actually activated successfully and that your phone number was added.
  6. Insert / add the second sim card and disable the menu that pops up asking you to select which line to use for what.
  7. Go back into the Cellular settings and either change your Mobile Data to the line that’s supposed to be used or change the default line, at which point you should also check into the iMessage settings once again to see if the line there changed to the correct number and if it activated successfully.

All of this is still a bit tricky but once setup I had no further issues. I was able to switch the lines for calls right away and have been using that sweet sweet LTE at a local rate for two days now without any issues.

I have been waiting for such a feature for a while and it’s great that Apple makes this easy because the Telco companies around the world sure wouldn’t push for something like this in a million years. They simply make too much money from international roaming and it’s time for that to end!

Supporting Tapbots & Indie Developer


Yesterday Tweetbot 5 was released as a free update to every Tweetbot 4 customer. It must be a very difficult time at the moment justifying working on an application that is entirely dependent on a company so hostile to the people who made them. Twitter keeps ripping the band-aid off a bit only to stick it back on again, only to then rip it off a bit further. They have been doing this for a while now and from being a bystander to chatter about it at WWDC with people who have intel on this crisis it must be a huge mental burden on each and every developer of a third party client. I would like to help with that and I hope to convince you to do the same.

I absolutely adore Tweetbot by Tapbots and use it exclusively on iOS and macOS. There is just no f@¿!*∆% way in hell that I will install the first party Twitter client ever again on one of my devices. Twitter has proven over the last years that they don’t deserve to be trusted to any degree, leaving their lack of taste for design or any integrity.

Spending so much time in Tweetbot and getting so much value out of it I was expecting to happily pay yet again for a new major upgrade at some point but that wasn’t the case. The update was free to my surprise and the app is still a joy to use. Independent developers are the ones who push the App Store in terms of design, function and it’s policies and indies deserve a lot of credit for making the App Store what it is today. Even though a lot of indies have plenty of customers some have trouble making a living on the App Store these days and once I saw that I was able to hand the gentlemen at Tapbots a bit of money I happily did just that. The most that I was able to give was 5,49€ which I think is ok but I’d prefer to give back more.
Thinking about how much money I spend on shit I don’t get nearly as much value out of as out of my favorite apps I use every single day, I have decided to consciously seek out ways to give money to the developers of my favorite apps regularly and donate to things that either make my life easier or to things that I enjoy. None of this is to pat myself on the back or get any kind of special treatment but rather in a very selfish way ensure that the people who make the things that I enjoy keep doing just that. Make things for me to enjoy.

Producing anything of quality is hard so thank you very much to Paul, Mark and Todd for making products that delight me on a daily basis!
I hope that this money is partially spent on things your families need and partially on tires, race-fuel and on parts for yet another server to keep Paul warm.

Apple Banter on Twitter


Twitter has many issues and the overall used tone can be quite hostile in the Apple community on Twitter but yesterdays banter about Apple’s invites has been simply amazing!

Stephen Hackett was nice enough to collect all of them on his excellent blog but the responses to some of the art just killed me.

People riffed in the best way possible on the designs and I enjoyed these very much.
Please click on the images to get to the original tweets from which I took these images. The creators deserve all the credit!