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Recommended: Stratechery

Like many other before me a few months ago I have noticed that I was incapable of focusing on longer-ish form text of any kind. I treated it similar to how I read my Twitter timeline, which is to say I mostly cross read until my mind finds something interesting it wants to focus on. Some days are worse than others but I got to the point where I wasn’t even able to read short-ish blog posts about topics anymore that genuinely interested me. In order to combat that behavior I actively looked for more long form text to read on a regular basis and once was released I finally went ahead and subscribed to the Stratechery+Dithering bundle. It seems like a lot of money at first but it really isn’t if you break it down to a weekly or monthly cost and I do not regret it one bit. I think Ben’s analysis often gives me a perspective I wouldn’t be able to get otherwise. Since I started reading I routinely disagree with his point of view but that doesn’t mean that he is wrong or that I am right, it means that he has a different point of view and the exchange of thoughts and perspectives is why I keep reading. I think it’s good for me.

He offers many ways to read the Daily Update, including RSS or the typical E-Mail in your inbox and there is zero bullshit attached. I love it! Even the website is completely useable and legible no matter what device you’re using and you definitely do not have to jump into reader mode in Safari right away. It is a very good web experience which sadly is not common anymore.

Ben also offers the Daily Update as a Podcast but I force myself to not subscribe to it since I want to read his Daily Update. Me reading for myself is the important bit here. The only Daily Update that I listened to was his interview with Stewart Butterfield (@stewart), CEO of Slack. The back and forth in audio format was much better than the written text in my opinion.