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About me



Hi, I’m Constantin Jacob.

I used to call myself a iOS software developer, but since I haven’t done it in a while I struggle to still call myself that. I used to work for CircleCI, wrote a whole bunch about xcodebuild and how to work around all kinds of pitfalls in Xcode. If you do anything related to iOS CI and have written the words “fastlane” or “xcodebuild” into a YAML configuration file before it’s quite likely that you have read something that I wrote. I now work for MacStadium helping them shape the future of Mac hosting worldwide. I help build knowledge bases to publicly document what we find and help the community as well as get to play with really expensive servers.

My Story

I was born and raised up north in Hamburg, Germany.
With Hamburg’s huge port always present wherever you go and being exposed to all things trade in my family I grew up to like all kinds of “business stuff” and politics. I went a “somewhat straight” way through school (I can hear my mom roll her eyes as I write this) and taught myself how to code in any free minute that I had.

In 2014 I went to live in Argentina to learn Spanish. Due to saving some money while working the previous year I was able to buy a car. I ended up buying a 2003 manual 5-speed Ford Fiesta and drove almost 20.000km across Argentina in it.

My 2003 Ford Fiesta

(This image was taken at Las Salinas Grandes in Salta at ~3.800m of elevation)

It was a great little car for the occasion. I drove it through more than 3.000 km of desert passing cars only occasionally, up to over 4,200 meters (~13,800 ft) of elevation and down the main avenidas of Buenos Aires. Quick pit stop I drove the car for so much in such little time that I broke a plastik piece on the clutch-assembly at the end of a 5 week, 6.000km trip only 10 km away from where I lived in Tucumán.
Buying the car was a great idea that took me places most of my argentine friends haven’t been and I wouldn’t want to trade these experiences and memories for anything in the world. I was even able to have my girlfriend with me for some of the journeys at the very end of my trip.

Valle de la Luna

If you feel “Fernweh”, the urge to see how incredibly beautiful this planet is and experience a new, interesting and very inviting culture I highly recommend Argentina. I have travelled to a lot of different places all over the world but only Argentina is a place I would call home, apart from Germany of course. I have friends that I miss dearly and every slight memory fills me with joy.

Whilst living in Argentina I also started messing around with server side languages, since the universities went onto strike for 6 months (no, not a typo - 6 months straight), and my other main occupation was meeting friends or laying in a hammok. Life was great and I was able to learn Spanish and Ruby on Rails at my own pace. I continued keeping up with server side languages, taught myself how to setup and maintain databases alongside it which then ultimately helped me get the job at CircleCI.

I really enjoy learning new things and always challenge myself to find new skills to pickup on a budget. I quickly learned that investing some money into yourself and your own skill-set will always be attractive to employers. Even friends and family may desire those newly earned skills. I learned how to code, weld, do electrical installations, wrench on engines and hope to add many other things to this list in the future.

In 2016 my girlfriend talked me into getting a puppy and after weeks of debating we finally settled on the breed: A Dalmatian.

After quite some searching we found a breeder not too far away (there aren’t many in Germany) and gave them a visit right away.
We essentially decided on our way home in the car that one of the two puppies still available would end up with us (Disclaimer: don’t ever go to a breeder with puppies unless you’re prepared to go home with one). In the time between the visit and actually picking her up we puppy proofed the apartment and found a puppy school we both liked.

She is an absolute princess and loved by everyone. She has a loveable character, is always happy to see us or our friend and loves to just hang out with us.

TL;DR: I cut christmas trees myself on a field every year that are twice the size of me, mess around with programming languages I’d like to be good at, enjoy physical labor like gardening, listen to a lot of Podcasts and am a huge car (really anything with an engine) and motorsport enthusiast. I think my life can be quite entertaining at times so feel free to follow me on Twitter or Instagram.